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Posted in What's New with tags , , , , , , , , on November 28, 2011 by posterhero

It’s holiday shopping time and we at Posterhero thought you might need some help finding gifts for the loved ones on your list…and maybe a few of the the not-so-loved ones too. So, we’ve been keeping up with the Jones’ of the poster world all year long and with prints, posters, framed art or value-framing (don’t let the” value” part fool you…it looks great and they’ll never know you got a great deal!), and we’ve got the gifts you need. No need to look further, really, we’ve got you–and your walls–covered this holiday season! So let’s get started…

For the family, you love them, you appreciate them, so why not give them a gift that will remind them of how much you care all year long? We’ve got inspirational mom prints for the more traditional, apple pie baking moms. And if your mom is a little less conventional, maybe you just want to say “Hey, my mom rocks!”.

And we wouldn’t want dad to feel left out, so we’ve got some of that inspirational dad art too. But let’s be real, we also have a great selection of sports art and dad would probably like that better…so find a pic of his favorite QB or a nice set of golf clubs, frame it up- and you’re done!

And guys, we know you probably need some help shopping for you better halves, so we’re going to help with that too. The ladies of Posterhero like their flowers, but not in a vase, and not with lace, give them flowers that show them you have great taste, and you recognize they do to, and hey, these really cool flowers last forever!

Ladies, don’t think we forgot how hard it is to shop for the guys too. They love cars, sports, and beer, and we’ve got ‘em all. So now that you’re done with them, why don’t you do a little shopping for yourself…you might want to start here.

We know you have cool friends and you want to get them some kick-ass gifts too so this is where the fun really starts. If your friends like to rock, we’ve got pics for that; and if they’re a little more urban, these Steez posters should do the trick. If your friends like to party, show them you care, and if your friends like to rally, this #ows poster will show them you’re there (in spirit anyway!).

Now there’s those people that you don’t really want to spend your hard earned money on; but you’ve gotta do it. So, let’s keep it as painless as possible. Starting with the bosses; show them you’re business-minded and appreciate a great leader when you see one with one of these inspirational Steve Jobs quotes. If the boss thinks you are making a reference to him or her being an innovative and inspiring leader too…all the better, right?

And for the secret Santa at the company Christmas party, maybe a pic of some places that we’d all rather be, than at work…from Argentina to Sydney, and everyplace in between, these great places make great daydreaming material for any cubicle.

We hope that’s given you some good ideas to start, but there really is all that and so much more at PosterHero so we hope you’ll do a little browsing of your own when you stop by.