An evening with Kevin Smith and Red State

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On Saturday I had the pleasure of making the trek to Radio City Music Hall to see the premiere of Kevin Smith’s upcoming film “Red State” (It will be in theaters Oct. 19th, 2011) along with the Q & A session following the show. It was the first show of the Red State Tour that Kevin & Company are taking on the road to promote the movie and build a word of mouth / viral marketing campaign in lieu of the traditional advertising campaigns that most films follow these days.  (For more info on the Red State Tour click here).  Below are just some of my thoughts on the film.

Full Disclosure: I have been a fan of Smith’s work since he burst onto the film scene with “Clerks” back in 1994. Being a kid from Jersey and being a product of Generation X, Smith’s prose resonated with me in a deeply personal and profound way. I’ve seen all of Kevin’s films (liking most of them) and I’ve seen him on his Q & A tours when he comes to the Philly or Jersey area.  I follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. So like I said, I am a fan (obviously) of his work and I tend to view his work through the eyes of a fan and not of a film critic. Also, this post is NOT a spoiler and really not even a deep review of the movie since that would require me releasing info that could spoil the film and let’s be honest, I am not a professional film critic so my opinion is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Now, with that out of the way.

Red State the Father

“Red State” is nothing like any Kevin Smith movie that you have ever seen before. Period. The Fat Kid from Jersey has grown up.  What Smith has created with “Red State” is a darkly satirical horror / thriller that captivates you with its jarring editing and lack of musical score. It’s loaded with blood splatter, machine gun fire and great dialogue between the characters (which is a Smith trademark). Smith takes you on a roller coaster ride throughout the movie and once you think you know what’s going to happen he throws you through a loop and the film ends with such a great little twist that M. Night Shyamalan should take some notes. Smith also gets a fantastic performance from Michael Parks as “The Father” Abin Cooper (see the teaser poster to the left).  Parks drops the hammer in this role! He makes Cooper a loathsome hatemonger while simultaneously showing you the charisma and power of rhetoric that this character must posses in order to manipulate his flock.

“Red State” may be Smith’s best work since the original “Clerks”. It is an original story wrapped in a usually played our genre that goes nowhere you’d expect it to.  I highly recommend that everyone go see it when it hits the theaters. It will be well worth it.

Eating my words… and some food

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It seems that my opinion of  Punxsutawney Phil and the inability of a groundhog to accurately predict the coming of spring has been flung in my face (see my previous post).  The weather here in NJ, where is located, has been absolutely beautiful this past week,  so in celebration of the (apparent) early arrival of spring we here decided to have an impromptu spring picnic. Don’t worry were still taking orders and sending out posters, just don’t mind the ketchup on them. 🙂  Hope you’re enjoying this great weather as well while it lasts!

PosterHero Spring Grilling

Employees taking a lunch break

PosterHero Spring Grilling 2

Some Jackass working the grill (Me)

PosterHero Spring Grill 3

The Pres getting a dog

PosterHero Spring Grill 4

Want some Ketchup?

Groundhog Day

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Groundhog Day MovieWell the wait is over. The weather prophet / groundhog Punxsutawney Phil came out of his hole today and did not see his shadow, so (according to local insanity legend) we will be getting an early spring this year. Great. Tell that to my morning commute.  Let’s take a little deeper of a look into what this meteorological muse’s track record is and determine if this is a correct deduction or if he is just blowing some smoke up our collective brown holes.

According to the accuracy of the weather rodent is a somewhat low 39%.

Not too good of a track record if you ask me, but hey I guess he doesn’t do any worse than the local talking head that does the weather on my local news channel.

Let’s also look into the history of Phil and see what we really know about this legendary weather prognosticator.

Apparently Phil is the leader of some kind of cult where he resides in Punxsutawney.  He is surrounded by a group of men that have been deemed his inner circle who all dress alike in matching tuxedos and top hats. Phil will only communicate with the general population via his chief minister handler while speaking in a mysterious language that has been dubbed “Groundhogese”. Now, if you ask me, if that doesn’t sound like some kind of cult of personality then I don’t know what is. What’s next Phil? Some UFO going to come take us away in 2012, so we have to prepare by moving to some remote location while preparing a giant vat of “Kool-aid” for the faithful? I’m not buying it.

So all the faithful out there can go ahead and start grabbing their jorts and sleeveless shirts and get ready for spring as for me though, I think that I’ll keep my shovel, jacket and winter boots handy and brace myself for a long winter. Just a gut feeling though, I could be wrong.

For more Groundhog Day info see here

Groundhog Day Posters

We have almost no friends :-(

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You have 0 friendsAs most of you are probably unaware, PosterHero is now on Facebook. The problem is that we have only a few fans and we are feeling a little depressed.  What’s the problem? Do you not like what we have done with the site? Do you not like the fact that we are the coolest poster store online? Come on. Give us a chance. We promise that we’ll be the best page you ever liked on Facebook. We won’t blow up your news feed, we promise that we’ll like the photo you put up of your grandmothers 90th birthday, we’ll LOL at all the funny and smart status posts that you put up.  We love the that you are sitting at home watching American Idol and think that Steven Tyler’s mouth is so big that there should be a fish hook in it… LOL 🙂  So come on, like us already will ya! What’s it gonna take? You want us to come over your house and give you a foot massage? Done! You want me to listen to your story about that time you gut drunk on tequila in college?  Done! You want the newest, coolest, funniest posters available online to grace the pages of your Facebook feed with some funny comments on them along the way? Done and Done! So why can’t we be friends already, if this lack a fan-ship continues we don’t know what we’re gonna do except for sit in front of our monitors and cry.

the clip below says it all

PosterHero blog up and running

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This post is gonna be short and sweet.

We just wanted to let you know that (the coolest online poster store) is now up and running with our very own blog. Yeah I know what your gonna say,” everyone has a blog in this day and age, so big deal.”  Well, it’s a big deal to us so deal with it.  Now the question is what are we going to be blogging about?  Are we just gonna use this space as some bland corporate mouth piece about what products we have and how you can decorate your bathroom with a Scarface poster or some stuff like that?  Maybe.  But probably not.  That crap doesn’t sound interesting to either read or to write so why waste either of our time, right?   Na, well probably be making completely random posts about whatever floats our boat or something like that so tune in it might actually be worth it. Or not, but you’ll never know unless you give it a try right? Right.  So anyway, the blog is up it’s running and where it goes from there we’ll just have to find out.