Add your own tag line to

Are you clever and witty? If not, at least do you think you are? If so, now you have an opportunity to show it to the world by coming up with a witty tag line to go on

Poster Hero add your own slogan

This is where you click


All you have to do is click the “submit you own slogan” link underneath the PosterHero logo at the top of the site.   From there you will be taken to the PosterHero facebook page discussion board. There is where you will post your slogan idea. If we like it we’ll put your slogan in our rotation of whacky tag lines. While you’re there give us a “like”, checkout our wall posts, leave your own posts or do whatever it is you do on Facebook.


A couple of ground rules for slogan submission:


1)      Let’s keep it PG-13

2)      No hate speech or any other derogatory comments. It’s not funny and we don’t want to get sued or nothing.

3)      Keep it short and sweet. It’s a tag line not The Great Gatsby. Keep it to around 35 characters (yes that does include spaces and punctuation etc.).


Ok, that’s it. Have fun with it and we’re looking forward to see what you peeps can come up with.

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